NEUROCARE:                                                    Written by::  Paige Blessing-Neurocare

 “The World’sonly True AC output 
High Voltage, Low Amperage,
Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulator”

So unique, the FDA did NOT know how to classify this device!

​Thank you for your interest in our True AC output NC10004XP Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulator.  This unique medical equipment is helping medical providers across the USA and 58 countries around the world:

* Holistically working with patients in order to more effectively diagnose and treat illness and injury

* Generate new avenue’s of income into your practice

* Provide you with proven protocols to increase the tools you have to provide help and healing for your patients

* FDA registered in 1993

* Double blind studies published in medical journals

What is Neurocare?
(it is many tools combined into one!)

* Neurocare is: an arterial-venous pacemaker for the body

* A neuromuscular vascular therapy system

* Bone growth machine

* A surface EMG testing unit,
(with greater diagnosis then regular EMG test)

* Increases local circulation

* Builds muscle
(simulates exercise)

* Relaxes muscle spasms

* Maintains and/or increases range of motion

* Prevents or retard disuse atrophy

* Immediate post-surgical stimulation of calf muscles to
prevent venous thrombosis

* Used before and after surgery
to reduce inflammation, bring health to the tissue
for an increased success rate with fewer complications associated with surgery procedures

Practice Benefits:
​The NC10004XP is a 'cost effective' tool for any medical practice.

 What could you achieve if you could double the circulation in the human body?  

How would this effect the healing process?

 What if you could increase the circulation 15-30 times the norm?

 What if you could relieve the pain without the use of narcotics, how could this benefit your practice?

 For a medical professional to be successful in today’s competitive market, it is critical to use the most updated breaking technologies that are cost effective and result producing.

How is Neurocare different from TENS?  
The TENS unit has a different wave shape.  
It also works on high amperage, as the voltage raises so does the amperage.  
​This limits the use on individuals as most people can only handle 10 amps at 30 volts.  We have found it takes 125 volts to move inactive muscle fibers.

Thus the  TENS is not able to achieve this,but the Neurocare LOW amperage can.

Please contact us to schedule an introductory meeting to discuss specifically how this equipment can fit into your existing practice to benefit you, your patients, and your bottom line.  


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