Why We Launched My Organic Chic?

We decided to launch My Organic Chic
​because for years my wife Marlene, whom I have always referred to as:
"my organic chic",
​ has helped countless friends and family members overcome some challenging health issues by suggesting to them to cut out unhealthy (processed) foods and incorporate healthy [Non-GMO] organic foods. 

To her credit she has studied healthy living, healthy eating and healthy exercise for over 40 years. She didn't choose to study on a whim but due to nearly dying at the age of 23 and breaking her back at age 33 - these two events changed the course of her life.

Marlene's Story

Marlene as a young wife and mother of a 15 month old daughter had endured  tremendous stress awaiting the news of her husband, during the Vietnam war, who was MIA for nearly 6 months. Upon his return - her body just collapsed and she could not eat or drink or hold any fluids. She experienced severe diarrhea & vomiting for nearly 40 days.
Kaopectate and eventually paragoric - was all she was prescribed.

Her life changing moment came  when her mother sought out a local health food store  in Clearwater, Florida called:  Carl's Health Food Store. Her mother came to Marlene with a little paper bag filled with white powder. Marlene said, "I asked my mother what in the world is this stuff and she said don't ask questions just drink this blender full of organic apple juice and powder". That very day, from 2:00PM to 11:00PM,  Marlene spooned the thick creamy Smoothie-like shake  until the blender was empty.  Immediately everything stopped - NO more shake, NO more vomiting, NO more diarrhea and NO more pain . . . that was Marlene's "Epiphany Moment."

That began her 40 year passionate journey of discovering and researching natural, holistic and organic ways to heal her own body. In the beginning she poured over medical journals, University Journals, books etc. until the advent of the internet which catapulted her research. Plus, working with medical researchers on healing principles of alternative medicine, over the years.

Shortly after she recovered from her near 'death experience' - she learned that everyone in her family, including her family physician, thought she was dying and would not make it. Forty years later - she is a living testimony to overcoming many health trauma's including breaking her back, at age 33.  More on that later. 

This is why Marlene is so passionate about sharing what she has learned and wanted to make this information available to anyone desiring to make some healthier choices in their lives. This website is meant as a resource and to build a community of like-minded individuals who are seeking a healthier lifestyle for themselves and their families.

​We will be featuring stories, testimonies and products that we believe will help you achieve your goals of developing healthier living habits, overcome debilitating conditions and steps to take to prevent these conditions.

​This is a work in progress. Please bear with us as we develop the various pages and links.Thank you for your interest and any recommendations or stories of interest you can share.

​Please feel free to contact us via our 'Contact Us' Tab.

All our Best,

​John & Marlene Clayton